Akita Dog on Product Label of HOPDOG BREWING in Akita City

  • 2024-05-11
  • 2024-05-10
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Hopdog Brewing was established in 2022 in Akita City and aims to gain the same popularity as Akita dogs worldwide. The product label depicts an Akita dog with a realistic touch (photo).

The Akita dog label is currently used on two types of craft beer made with hops produced in Yokote City and a hard cider made with apples grown in Akita Prefecture. Each is priced at 638 yen per 360 ml bottle and sold at liquor stores in and outside the prefecture.

Anju Sato(photo) of Akita City created the Akita dog illustration. After graduating from Akita University of Art, she has been working as a staff member at a restaurant in Akita City while also painting. She has always loved craft beer, so when the brewery’s representative, Makoto Hasegawa, asked her to do the illustration, she accepted immediately without hesitation.

Miss Sato often chooses animals and plants that she has loved since she was a child as her motifs, but this was the first time she painted an Akita dog. Miss Sato said, “It was challenging to express both cuteness and coolness in a dog. I would be grateful if the people feel happy when they see it.”

The Akita dog labels have been well received, with some orders from buyers outside Akita Prefecture. Mr. Hasegawa said, “The label is an important ‘face’ of the product. We want people to savor the taste of our beverages, made from local ingredients while appreciating the Akita dog illustration. We hope you enjoy it at cherry blossom viewing parties as well.”

Hopdog Brewing will continue considering new Akita dog label designs for future products.

Hopdog Brewing renovated the site of Hoshinoyu, Akita City’s last public bathhouse, which closed in February 2021. The brewery kept the tiled floors and walls as they were and installed brewing equipment in the bathrooms. The changing room is now used as a tasting space.

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