Hachiko Blend: The Secret of Its Popularity Is Its “Faithful” Taste

Kaga Coffee Factory in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The “Hachiko Blend” coffee beans are a specialty product sold at the shop and are popular as ever.

In 2002, previous Mayor Obata Hajime was looking for local products to best represent Odate City at a fair held in Shibuya, Tokyo.  Mayor Obata, a coffee lover, contacted the owner of Kaga Coffee Factory, Mr. Kaga Isao, and asked him to bring products to sell that portrayed the heart of Odate.  This opportunity led to the creation of the Hachiko Blend. 

Mr. Kaga recalled, “When it comes to the connection between Shibuya and Odate, I believed the only choice was to make a product related to the loyal dog Hachiko.”

Mr. Kaga is holding two bags of Hachiko Blend coffee beans in his hands.

Mr. Kaga reflected on the reason why Hachiko is loved by so many people across the world and came up with the concept of “a taste that does not disappoint and is truly faithful.”  He developed the Hachiko Blend with an aromatic and refreshing taste, which has led to a loyal fanbase.

Looking back over the past 20 years, “We haven’t put a lot of effort into advertising, but this product has been loved for a long time.  The Hachiko Blend is just like Hachiko, being quietly supported and admired by countless people,” Mr. Kaga said with a laugh.

200 grams of the Hachiko Blend is sold for 946 yen, while a package of drip bags (5 cups) is sold for 529 yen.

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