• 2021-12-28
  • 2021-12-28

Pepeekeo Returns to Akita, Meeting His Bride and Reuniting with Family

In mid-November, Pepeekeo (one-year-old male) returned to his hometown of Akita for the first time in a year to meet his bride.  Born in a kennel in Odate City, Pepeekeo was taken in by a Japanese cultural experience center at the foot of Mt. Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture when he […]

  • 2021-12-15
  • 2021-12-14

08COFFEE Released A Special Blend Because of “Hachiko” In Its Name

08COFFEE is a coffee shop in Sanno-Shinmachi, Akita City.  Recently, the shop started selling Hachiko Blend, a coffee inspired by the famous Akita dog.  The blend has three types of beans deeply roasted to capture the image of the Akita dog’s cuteness, strength, and dignified appearance. The owner of 08COFFEE, […]

  • 2021-12-14
  • 2021-12-14

Kazuno Yasaka Shrine Makes Akita Dogs Cupids of Love in Their Goshuin!

Akita dogs become cupids of love!  Yasaka Shrine in Hachimantai, Kazuno City, started selling a new set of enmusubi (matchmaking) goshuin (seal stamps of shrines and temples) from this month.  One of the goshuin depicts an Akita dog in the form of an adorable angel.  The dog has wings on […]

  • 2021-11-30
  • 2021-11-29

Rocky Became the New Signboard Dog of Roadside Station Ogare

Rocky, a 5-year-old male Akita dog, made his debut at the Akita Inu Fureaidokoro, a spot designed for people to meet with Akita dogs at the roadside station Ogare, Oga City, Akita Prefecture.  He made his first appearance in front of visitors during an event in October and immediately entertained […]

  • 2021-11-22
  • 2021-11-21

Akita Dog Umeko Promoted to Senior Police Officer at the Kazuno Police Station

On October 11, the Kazuno Police Department issued a letter of promotion to the rank of “Senior Police Officer” to Umeko, an Akita dog appointed as an “Akita Dog Prefectural Police Officer” this year.  Immediately after taking on the job, Umeko helped promote fraud prevention at banks and other financial […]

  • 2021-11-21
  • 2021-11-21

Osaka’s first “Wasao Grand Prize” Competition Awards Ran Ran the Winner!

The “Wasao Grand Prize,” a competition of long-haired Akita dogs, was held in front of the Izumiotsu City Hall in Osaka Prefecture in early October.  The grand prize went to Ran Ran (two-year-old male) kept by Mr. Ueno Hiroshi, a self-employed man from Kyoto City. The Wasao Grand Prize originated […]

  • 2021-11-01
  • 2021-11-01

Popular Akita Dog Couple of a B&B Go for a Stroll in “The Little Kyoto of Michinoku”

A couple of Akita dogs walk along the black wall of the samurai residence street in Kakunodate, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture.  They are Su-chan (male, four-year-old) and Fujiko (female, two-year-old), who are well known as the signature dogs of Enishi, a private B&B owned by Mrs. Yoshimi.  Kakunodate, known nationwide as the “Little Kyoto of […]

>Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Akita Inu (dogs), with their fluffy coat, round eyes, and an adorable tail that curls up, are now famous worldwide. Akita dogs have a strong body and are best known for their loyal personality. The number of Akita dogs raised overseas continues to increase. In Akita Prefecture, the Akita dog's birthplace, there is an active movement to utilize them for tourism promotion. Akita Sakigake Shimpo, entitled "Akitainu News," will circulate various domestic and international information about Akita dogs. The goal is to connect the world and Akita through Akita dogs.