Get One Fluffy Akita Dog Toy by Popular Lottery at Akita Inu no Sato

  • 2022-06-06
  • 2022-06-06
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A fun lottery game Akitainu-kuji, has been extremely popular at the sightseeing spot Akita Inu no Sato in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, since its opening in 2019.  One red-haired cute Akita dog toy will be drawn from four sizes depending on the lottery result.

The first-place prize stuffed toy is about 65 cm tall.  According to the lottery place, the size gets smaller, with the fourth-place prize toy being the smallest at 25 cm tall.  All the toys represent Akita Dogs’ characteristics well, including the upright ears and curly tail.

Akita Inu no Sato has welcomed around 500 thousand people since its opening.  According to the Odate City Tourism Association, which oversees selling goods at the museum, over 25 thousand people have tried the lottery.  It is estimated that the Akita dog toys of this lottery are much more popular than any other merchandise.

Mr. Hatakeyama Yoshimitsu, an executive director of the association, referring to the popularity of the toys, said, “I think this is because you can try one drawing with 1,000 yen, and you are guaranteed to win one of the toys from the four types.  The toys’ texture is also comfortable, and families with children especially enjoy this game.”

>Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Akita Inu (dogs), with their fluffy coat, round eyes, and an adorable tail that curls up, are now famous worldwide. Akita dogs have a strong body and are best known for their loyal personality. The number of Akita dogs raised overseas continues to increase. In Akita Prefecture, the Akita dog's birthplace, there is an active movement to utilize them for tourism promotion. Akita Sakigake Shimpo, entitled "Akitainu News," will circulate various domestic and international information about Akita dogs. The goal is to connect the world and Akita through Akita dogs.