Come and Meet Tora Akita Dogs!

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, so why don’t you come and meet Akita dogs with “tiger hair”?  When speaking of Akita dogs, the red-haired and white-haired ones are the most popular.  But the wild and powerful tiger-haired ones, known as Tora-ge (brindle), have their own popularity among people. Tora-ge usually refers to Akita dogs of mixed colors, such as black and white, gray and white, or red, black, and white, along with other various colors.  There are no fixed colors, and their patterns vary, making them rich in individuality.  Here are six Tora Akita dogs that you can meet at the Akita Inu no Sato and Akita Inu Kaikan in Odate City, Akita.

Homare (two-year-old female)

Owner: Ms. Fujikawa Kotori, 24, member of the Community-Reactivating Cooperator Squad in Odate City

Homare has been serving as the tourism stationmaster of JR Odate Station.  Unfortunately, her role has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This year, I hope there will be more opportunities for her to promote the charm of Odate.” – Ms. Fujikawa Kotori

Maru (one-year-old female)

Owner: Mrs. Suzuki Mari, 59, housewife

“I started keeping an Akita dog because I wanted to tell people how wonderful it is.  I hold an event called “Children’s Cafeteria” about once a month, and Maru is the signboard dog for it.   She has a lot of red hair, so sometimes people are surprised when they see her and say that she looks like a tiger.” – Mrs. Suzuki Mari

Gin (three-year-old male)

Owner: Mrs. Hiraizumi Yoshika, 58, housewife

“We welcomed Gin into our family after his previous owner passed away.  Thankfully, he has a calm personality and quickly adapted to life in our home.  Because of Gin, I have made some new friends who also own dogs.  All dogs are cute, but Gin is the best to me.” – Mrs. Hiraizumi Yoshika

Monaka (one-year-old female)

Owner: Mrs. Hazawa Asami, 46, breeder

Monaka is a ‘pacifist’ who does not like to fight and has a girly personality.  I have been seeking advice from senior breeders to raise Monaka into an Akita dog that will excel at exhibitions. Hopefully, she could win the title of ‘Special Excellence’ one day.” – Mrs. Hazawa Asami

Subaru (two-year-old male)

Owner: Ms. Kudo Kotone, 21, staff of the Akita Dog Preservation Society

Subaru is always in mischief at the office of Akita Inu Kaikan because he always wants to be touched and petted by everyone.  Recently, he has been eating more food and growing bigger.  To me, he is such a comforting presence that I want to protect forever.” – Ms. Kudo Kotone

Kurobe (six-year-old male)

Owner: Mr. Sasaki Takashi, 72, contract worker of the Akita Dog Preservation Society

“Before I decided to keep an Akita dog, my gut feeling was to get a Tora Akita.  Kurobe is small in stature, but he’s just right for my age and strength.  He and my other dog, a red-haired Akita named Gin (five-year-old male), always stay together.” – Mr. Sasaki Takashi

>Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Akita Inu (dogs), with their fluffy coat, round eyes, and an adorable tail that curls up, are now famous worldwide. Akita dogs have a strong body and are best known for their loyal personality. The number of Akita dogs raised overseas continues to increase. In Akita Prefecture, the Akita dog's birthplace, there is an active movement to utilize them for tourism promotion. Akita Sakigake Shimpo, entitled "Akitainu News," will circulate various domestic and international information about Akita dogs. The goal is to connect the world and Akita through Akita dogs.