Kazuno Yasaka Shrine Makes Akita Dogs Cupids of Love in Their Goshuin!

Akita dogs become cupids of love!  Yasaka Shrine in Hachimantai, Kazuno City, started selling a new set of enmusubi (matchmaking) goshuin (seal stamps of shrines and temples) from this month.  One of the goshuin depicts an Akita dog in the form of an adorable angel.  The dog has wings on its back and is about to shoot a heart arrow from the sky.

Yasaka shrine is known for its blessings of enmusubi, and the goshuin set is a lucky charm for people who come to the shrine to seek good relationships.  Each set contains five goshuin. In addition to the Akita dog, there are also goshuin designed with cats dressed like Cinderella and some adorning bears.

Initially, the shrine only sold goshuin and good-luck amulets depicting cats, which are believed to be messengers of the gods bringing good luck.  A few years ago, the shrine started selling lucky charms of Akita dogs, which are said to have originated in the Kazuno region.

The head of the shrine is Harusawa Norihiko.  He hopes that everyone’s hearts will fill with happiness through the goshuin.

The price of the goshuin set is 1,700 yen.  In the case of purchasing by mail, the fee is 2,000 yen, including postage.

For inquiries, please contact Kazuno Yasaka Shrine – TEL: 0186-34-2270

>Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World

Akita Inu (dogs), with their fluffy coat, round eyes, and an adorable tail that curls up, are now famous worldwide. Akita dogs have a strong body and are best known for their loyal personality. The number of Akita dogs raised overseas continues to increase. In Akita Prefecture, the Akita dog's birthplace, there is an active movement to utilize them for tourism promotion. Akita Sakigake Shimpo, entitled "Akitainu News," will circulate various domestic and international information about Akita dogs. The goal is to connect the world and Akita through Akita dogs.